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              1. Product Category

                  About ulvac
                ULVAC Inc is a comprehensive group based on unique vacuum technology, dedicates to advanced technology application and precision processing craftsmanship.
                Established in 1995 with a registered capital of 25 million U.S.D, ULVAC NINGBO Co., Ltd is the first company invested by ULVAC. Inc. Now, rewarded as national Hi-tech enterprise, it has become the biggest manufacturing base of vacuum pump and accessories, which combined with vacuum pump, vacuum measuring and all nonstandard vacuum unit’s production, sale and service. As a vacuum technology pioneer, our product is widely applied in energy, electronic, optic, future plan technology, semi-conductor, environment, medical, food, biology project, home appliance and automation production line.
                Take the advantage of Japanese technology and local low-cost manufacturing; we keep making contribution to manufacturing industry and technology progress nationally and globally.
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